Elections in Watford

Upcoming elections

The outcome of recent elections can be found on our Elections results pages.

Borough council elections

Watford borough is represented by 36 ward councillors, with 3 councillors representing each ward.

The election of borough councillors is normally held on the first Thursday in May each year. In years where there is a county council election, borough and county elections will be held on the same date.  

County council elections

The election of Hertfordshire County Council councillors is held every fourth year on the first Thursday in May. Watford borough is represented by 6 county councillors.

The next county council elections will be held on 1 May 2025.

Police and crime commissioner elections

Police and crime commissioners are elected every 4 years. 

The next police and crime commissioner elections will be held on 2 May 2024.

Mayoral elections

Watford's mayor is elected every 4 years.

The next scheduled mayoral election will be 5 May 2022.