Elections and Voting

Someone to vote for you - proxy voting

If you are registered to vote but can't vote in person, you can appoint someone to cast your vote for you.

This is called a proxy vote. 

  • if you can't get to your local polling station on polling day (like if you're on holiday or away at university)
  • you have a medical reason
  • your work or military service means you can't vote in person

The person you appoint must be aged 18 or over and registered and eligible to vote in the same type of election or referendum.

They can either go to your polling station to cast your vote, or can apply to vote for you by post.

Find out more about proxy voting on the GOV.UK website or electoral commission website

How to appoint someone to vote for you

To arrange to have someone vote for you at a specific election you can download the proxy application form. Return your proxy application form by post or in person:

Electoral Services Office
Watford Borough Council
Town Hall
WD17 3EX
Or as a scanned email attachment to the Elections team.
If returning in person, please check the Town Hall opening hours.


Long-term proxy voting

You can apply to vote by proxy on an indefinite basis if you:

  • have a disability
  • are away on an educational course
  • are away for work
  • are registered as an overseas voter
  • work overseas for the British Council or as a Crown servant
  • overseas in armed forces

You can find further information and long-term proxy voting application forms on the Electoral Commission website

 Or email the elections team.

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