Biodegradable plastic
Please remember...
Don't put any compostable or biodegradable plastics in your blue-lidded (recycling), brown (food waste) or green (garden waste) bins. Only food waste caddy liners showing the seedling logo can go in the brown (food waste) bin. Biodegradable plastics, bioplastics or bio-based products sometimes say they're recyclable. Currently they're not recyclable in Hertfordshire. If there's no seedling logo, it can only go in your black bin for non-recyclable waste. (Bioplastic describes what it's made from, not how it degrades.For more information, visit
How to recycle or reuse
Products that say they're home compostable are fine for your home compost bin. But don't put them in your blue-lidded recycling bin, food or garden bin. If you don’t have a home compost bin, please dispose of in the black bin.
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