Callowland Zone NA Permit Parking Area – Review into operational hours

Consultation description

Watford Borough Council implemented the Callowland (Zone NA) Permit Parking Area (PPA) in January 2021 following an 18 month consultation process with residents and businesses. The findings of this consultation clearly show that, although there was a majority in favour of the council’s proposals, some residents did not agree with the proposed operational hours of the Zone. The council committed to reviewing the operational hours of the Zone six months after it came into operation.

The council undertook parking surveys in early September - after the school summer holidays when parking patterns are more likely to be in line with those experienced throughout the year - to understand the current demand and occupancy levels within the zone. The following conclusions can be drawn from the survey results;

  • Overnight occupancy levels are high at 95% on average throughout the zone, which can predominantly be attributed to residents.
  • The surveys also indicate that the current operational hours of Mon-Sat 8am-10am and 7pm-10pm appear to be working in reducing commuter parking, with average occupancy levels dropping from 95% overnight to 70% throughout the day.
  • Occupancy levels naturally begin to rise back to their overnight averages across the zone from 5pm.

The Parking Technical note summarising the findings of the survey.

Locations of the proposed parking restrictions
Callowland Parking Zone NA
Consultation start date
11th October 2021
Consultation finish date
7th November 2021
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Taking the survey results into account, as well as a number of requests from residents to extend the hours of the zone, we have decided to undertake further engagement with residents and businesses within the Zone to understand the following:

  1. Whether you are content with the current Zone NA operational hours of Mon-Sat between 8am-10am and 7pm-10pm

and, if not:

  1. Whether you would support an extension to the operational hours of Zone NA to Mon-Sat between 8am-10am and 5pm-10pm

The parking survey results suggest there would be little benefit to extending the operational hours much beyond the existing ones, as the zone appears to be working as intended in significantly reducing occupancy levels during the day. The proposed extension to bring the evening hours forward from 7 pm to 5 pm may however provide a small additional benefit to residents looking to park between 5-7pm whilst continuing to address local business concerns about customer parking availability during core trading hours.

The consultation will go live on Monday 11th October by means of a letter and questionnaire posted to all properties within Zone NA. The consultation will end noon on Sunday 7th November when all questionnaires must be returned via the stamped addressed envelopes provided.

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