Maintenance in parks and public spaces

To ensure our public spaces are well kept, we carry out regular maintenance for:

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Grass cutting

Grass verges are cut 12 times a year between late March and early November.

Grass in our parks and open spaces is cut as follows:

  • General areas of grass in parks (amenity grass) - cut as required
  • Long grass - 1 cut a year, usually during May/June
  • Conservation grass (including wildflower meadows) - 1 cut a year, usually during October/November
  • Bowling greens, croquet lawns and cricket pitches (fine grass) - cut as required during the playing season

The frequency of grass cutting is weather dependent, as weather conditions can affect the rate of growth.

Hedge and shrub pruning

Hedges and shrubs are cut at least once a year, usually during autumn and winter. This makes sure they do not overgrow and get in the way of roads and footpaths, traffic signs or drain covers and to prevent damage to property.

We avoid pruning from late March to late August, the peak nesting season for birds.

Weeds spraying

Road and pavement weeds are sprayed 3 times a year, between March and November.

Leaf clearance

Leaf sweeping takes place between September and December. The timing of this depends on the weather, which affects the timing of leaf fall, but usually peaks in October/November.

Leaf clearance routes are carefully planned throughout autumn, with roads most affected by leaf fall at particular times given priority.

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