Article 4 Directions issued - Designated Employment Areas (June 2023)

Designated Employment Areas (November 2023)

As of 7 November 2023 the Council has confirmed immediate Article 4 Directions covering the six designated employment areas defined in the recently adopted Watford Local Plan. The Directions were issued in May 2023 and are now being confirmed prior to the 6 month deadline as required by regulations.

These directions remove Permitted Development Rights for the change of use of certain employment uses (specified on the Directions) to residential uses without requiring planning permission. They will help to protect employment floorspace in the borough, the amenity and proper planning of these areas in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Local Plan.

These areas (excluding. Shakespeare Road) were all previously subject to Article 4 Directions. The changes to the Use Classes Order in 2021 and the adoption of the Watford Local Plan however, made it necessary to update them to make reference to the new Use Classes.

The specific Directions are detailed below:

  1. Immediate Article 4 Direction removing the Permitted Development Right for the change of use from Class E(g)(i) office to C3 residential uses within the Clarendon Road Primary Office Location.
  2. Immediate Article 4 Direction removing Permitted Development Rights for the change of use from Class E(g)(i) office, Class E(g)(iii) and Class B8 storage and distribution within the following areas; Greycaine Road, Odhams and Sandown Road; Imperial Way and Colonial Way Industrial Estate; Shakespeare Road; Watford Business Park; Wiggenhall Road and Fishers Industrial Estate and Trade City.

Maps of the areas being issued with these Directions can be viewed here:

Copies of the sealed Directions can be viewed below:

Notices will be sent in writing to owner/occupiers at all non-residential addresses within the areas covered by the Direction and site notices will be placed in each area to serve notice of this confirmation. The Council undertook the same process in June 2023 when issuing the Directions.

An evidence report was prepared to justify the Directions being issued and this can be viewed online.

Copies of the Directions, including maps defining the area covered, can also be viewed in person at the Customer Service Centre, Watford Borough Council, The Town Hall, Watford WD17 3EX at the following times:

  • Monday: 9am to 1pm
  • Tuesday: 1pm to 5pm
  • Wednesday: 10am to 2pm
  • Thursday: 1pm to 5pm
  • Friday: 9am to 1pm

Any queries regarding these Directions should be sent to our Watford Strategy Team.

If you have any uncertainties as to whether the Directions apply to any works you might be proposing to carry out, it is advised that you seek advice from Watford Borough Council before proceeding. If you carry out works without the necessary planning permission, they may be subject to enforcement action.

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