Watford park rules

Do's and don'ts in parks

Your parks are a place for you and others to enjoy the outdoors. 

You're welcome to enjoy them in (pretty much) any way you want, however, there are a few rules so we can all enjoy ourselves and remain safe. 

Please do...

Horse-riding: you can ride in Whippendell Wood on the perimeter path.

Kite-flying: fly your kites in open areas. Please avoid busy or enclosed spaces such as play areas.

Holding an event: you will need to get permission from the council no matter the size of the event. Download the event application form (PDF 539kB) 

Walk your dog: parks are a great place for dogs and their walkers, but please consider other park-users. Please pick up after your dog and keep them on a lead in the nature reserve. Access for dogs into the cafés is as followed: Cha Cha Café (yes) and Daisy's in the Park (no).

Cycle: there are designated cycle paths in Cassiobury Park. To protect Whippendell Wood please only use the perimeter path (link to GIS maps of paths).

Please don't...

Have a BBQ and bonfires  these damage parks.

  • patches of burned grass that take months to recover and ruin wildlife habitats
  • dry ground conditions increase risk of fires getting out of control,
  • people tipping burning hot coals into litter bins and setting them on fire.
  • nuisance smoke for other park users and fire hazards

Metal detectors: digging to recover any finds is forbidden, as it causes damage to plants and wildlife.

Camping: is not permitted to avoid illegal encampments.

Drones: you cannot fly drones in a park and may face a fine of £500. You can find more information on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Drive through the park: vehicles are not allowed on the footpaths through parks, unless escorted by a member of the parks team or used by the parks management team.

Gazebos, tents or marquees: these are not permitted in the park unless part of a council event.

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