Mayor's Small Grants Fund

Peter 2 1 1Due to an overwhelming response to the Mayor’s Small Grants Fund 2019-20 we are currently not accepting any new applications. 

Our new 2020-21 programme will open for applications on 1 April 2020. 

Information for funding next year

The fund offers not-for-profit Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) groups the opportunity to apply for a grant to help towards a community initiative, project, and/or items of equipment.

How can I use the grant?

You can use the grant for:

  • Event publicity including leaflets, flyers, banners etc.
  • Catering and/or refreshments
  • Hall hire (related to the project only)
  • Cost of hiring instructors, trainers, facilitators, counsellors
  • Project management costs and expenses
  • Insurance (public liability insurance specific to an event)
  • Project materials (stationary, printer, tablet, etc.
  • Sports equipment (up to £1000 per organisation)
  • Environmental projects, e.g. neighbourhood clean-ups
  • Cultural projects and events

Can I apply?

The grant is available to:

  • Informal groups (a group of neighbours, a playgroup, a senior citizens group, etc.)
  • Community organisations
  • Grass root groups
  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Community interest groups

You can't apply for the grant if you're an individual, a sole trader, a statutory organisation (councils, schools, NHS, police, etc.) or a private business.

How much do I get?

You can apply for a maximum of £3000. Sports clubs can apply for a maximum of £1000 for sports equipment. You can spread this across more than one application.

Find out more

Please read our guidance notes and FAQs for more information on our criteria for funding.

If you want to find out more about applying for a small grant or want to discuss your application in more detail, please email our small grants team.

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