Chairman's charities

Every year, our elected Chairman chooses a number of charities and causes to support. 

This year, to go along with her theme of enriching and empowering self-confidence, Chairman Aga Dychton has chosen the Watford Women’s Centre and Electric Umbrella.

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Watford Women’s Centre

Established in 1989 by a group of women who came together to volunteer their time and support to victims of sexual violence and rape.  Its mission is to provide life-changing services for women to lead independent, productive and healthier lives, and also support the wider community.

The charity aims to create a community-wide culture that has zero tolerance for family or partner abuse and that fosters healthy relationships based on mutual respect and equality.  It provides education and training opportunities for individuals who want to build confidence, gain new skills and create employment opportunities for themselves so that they can lead more independent and productive lives.

To find out more, see Watford Women’s Centre

Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella is a collaboration of professional musicians and people with learning disabilities; writing, experiencing and performing music together.

Since Covid 19 hit they have been running online interactive sessions for the learning disabled community including singalongs, songwriting sessions, two Big Yellow Choirs, open mic nights, club nights and the superb Electric Umbrella TV featuring special guest live music sessions. For many families experiencing exceptional pressure they have proved an absolute lifeline. 

Using music, Electric Umbrella have continued to fight social isolation for adults with learning disabilities and improve the health and wellbeing of our community through these extraordinary times.

To find out more, see Electric Umbrella


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