Safeguarding children, young people and adults policy

Policy Statement

Watford Borough Council takes seriously the issue of safeguarding children, young people and adults.

We have the opportunity to positively impact, protect and improve the lives of people with the services we offer and any contact with residents.

Find out more in our Safeguarding Policy.

The Victoria Climbie case highlighted the necessity for all agencies to be vigilant for child abuse, to recognise their duty of care, and to ensure that any concerns are acted upon, recorded and followed through.

The Council's Commitments

We will seek to tackle the following responsibilities:

  • Our role as a 'duty to co-operate partner' under the Children Act 2004
  • We can influence other organisations to improve children's and  adults' lives
  • We will avoid employing people or recruiting volunteers who are a risk to children or adults, by making sure we undertake criminal record checks
  • We have opportunities to identify potential risks to children and vulnerable adults and to directly influence children's and  adults' lives through the services the Council provides. Find out more in our Safeguarding Policy
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