Dumped rubbish or fly tipping

Reporting dumped rubbish or fly tipping

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Report dumped rubbish or fly tipping

When you tell us about a fly tip, we'll ask you for the following information so we can investigate it as fully as possible:

  • location of the fly tip
  • Type of waste that has been dumped
  • Any other supporting information

And, if known:

  • Date and time the fly tip happened
  • Name of any offenders or business the waste came from
  • Details of any vehicles involved including make, model and registration

If you witness a fly tip in action, please call 999, as this is a criminal activity.

Removal times

Removal times for dumped waste on public land will depend on the type and amount of waste. We aim to collect:

  • small (under 3m3) or hazardous fly tips on the same or following working day
  • large (over 3m3) fly tips within two working days

Information on dumped rubbish on private land, can be found on the dumped rubbish on private land page.

Please note: We aim to collect small or hazardous fly tips on the same or following working day, and large fly tips within 2 working days of receiving a report. Removal times may be longer if we need extra staff or equipment to remove the waste. Or, where we are investigating the source of the dumped rubbish.

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