Pavement café licences

This licence gives you permission to put tables and chairs on the street so your customers can enjoy some al fresco dining. The proposed furniture must not:

  • obstruct the highway
  • create a safety hazard
  • create nuisance due to noise or litter
  • lead to crime and disorder

Licences are subject to standard conditions and are issued for one year.

The following documents are needed to apply:

  • an application form
  • a scale drawing of the proposed layout
  • public liability insurance certificate (minimum £5million cover)

You must display a notice on the premises with details of the application for 28 days and serve a copy of this notice on the 15 nearest properties. There is space on the application form to tell us the addresses that have been notified.

You must also ensure that you obtain planning permission for your tables and chairs before you place them on the highway.

Applications for new licences must be advertised for 28 days. We aim to issue licences within five working days from the end of that period if there have been no objections.

You must wait to hear from us before placing furniture on the highway.

The licence fee is £397.

Please note that we can only accept payment by credit and debit card or by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact the licensing team for our bank details.

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