Housing for older people

Residential care, sheltered and extra care housing

The range of homes for older people in Watford include residential care homes, sheltered housing and extra care housing.

Residential care homes can provide personal care and/or nursing care. Schemes that provide nursing care are sometimes called nursing homes.

Sheltered housing comprises a group of flats and/or bungalows occupied by older people usually aged 55 and over. 

These housing schemes provide independent, self-contained homes with their own front door, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s) and living room.

Often there are communal facilities, which may include a residents’ lounge, guest suite and laundry. Most schemes have a manager who helps residents when needed.

Extra care housing is designed to provide self-contained accommodation, suitable for older people with higher levels of need, such as those with mobility difficulties or dementia.

This type of housing provides a wide range of services to meet the higher needs of residents.

More information about housing schemes available for older people in Watford.

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