Environmental problems


Domestic Asbestos

If asbestos is in good condition it shouldn't cause health problems. 

However, if it is damaged, broken, drilled, cut or sanded small fibres can be released which can cause long-term health problems.

If you are worried about asbestos in your home, you should make sure that all panels are not damaged, are well sealed or painted over.

If you carefully follow safety advice, you may be able to safely dismantle and dispose of small asbestos contained in garages or outbuildings.

The Health and Safety Executive have produced a guidance sheet for doing this, which you can download here.

If you would like further advice, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01923 226400 or by email envhealth@watford.gov.uk.

Waste Asbestos

Hertfordshire County Council may be able to help you dispose of small amounts of domestic asbestos waste

Otherwise, waste asbestos must be disposed of by a licensed asbestos contractor. There are a number of companies that operate within the local area who you could choose to use.

Asbestos on Business Premises

Employers are required to assess the risks from asbestos within their workplace.

More information about the requirements is available from the Health and Safety Executive here.

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