2024 Election results

Election results

The results of the Watford Borough Council Ward Elections held on Thursday 2 May 2024:


Candidate Party Votes received
Sachdeva, Navdeep (known as Nick Kahan) Conservatives 161
Short, Richard Peter Liberal Democrat 1,069 - Elected
Watling, Dennis George Labour Party 829

Turnout: 34.15%


Candidate Party Votes received
Bajaj, Devyani Sanjeevkumar Conservatives 259
Ealey, David Charles Reform UK 125
Hakim, Mohammed Wadud-Ur-Rahman (known as Mo Wadud Hakim) Labour Party 572
O'Connor, James Francis Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 53
Summer, Sam Liberal Democrat 924 - Elected
Wharton, Dennis Alfred Independent 68

Turnout: 28.15%


Candidate Party Votes received
Bell, Nigel Labour Party 1,159 - Elected
Morrison, Simon Liberal Democrat 352
Moseley, Danny Conservatives 328
O'Connor, Mark Stephen Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 91

Turnout: 26.95%


Candidate Party Votes received
Begum, Shamraz (Known as Sham Begum) Liberal Democrat 864 - Elected
Fanning, James Laurence Conservatives 350
Foster, Derek Roy Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 60
Knott, Sarah Jane Heritage Party - Freedom. Family. Nation. 65
Suleman, Asma Saeed Labour Party 689

Turnout: 34.52%


Candidate Party Votes received
Buraglio, Annalisa Liberal Democrat 643 - Elected
Green, Ian Frederick James Reform UK 106
Morgan, Keith Orlando Labour Party 377
Raperport, Jennifer May (Known as Jennie Raperport) Conservatives 314

Turnout: 25.03%


Candidate Party Votes received
Watkin, Mark Adrian Liberal Democrat 1,394 - Elected
Williams, Seamus Jay Victor Labour Party 385
Woodard, Stephen Conservatives 422
Xie, Xiaolei (Known as Charlie Xie) Reform UK 158

Turnout: 34.66%


Candidate Party Votes received
Clarke-Taylor, Karen Ruth Liberal Democrat 1,267 - Elected
Ghuman, Sahil Conservatives 222
Howard, Shaun Kenneth Green Party 98
Scott-Norman, Anthony David Labour Party 231
Webber, Neal Reform UK 100

Turnout: 34.23%


Candidate Party Votes received
Craddock, John Clive Reform UK 259
Dhindsa, Rajinder Kaur Labour Party 352
Duduta, Gabriel Liberal Democrat 1,413 - Elected
Mukherjee, Arijit Conservatives 380

Turnout: 36.98%


Candidate Party Votes received
Ansong, Clara Mulya Liberal Democrat 798 - Elected
Griffiths, Laura Jayne Labour Party 294
Ling, Gary James Reform UK 200
Williams, Peter Douglas Conservatives 307

Turnout: 28.03%


Candidate Party Votes received
Alade, Olajide Omoniyi (known as Ola Alade) Labour Party 408
Bishop, Carly Lorraine Conservatives 346
Dowdle, John Leroy Reform UK 165
Walford, Darren Erik Liberal Democrat 827 - Elected

Turnout: 33.30%


Candidate Party Votes received
Agarwal, Vibhor Conservatives 232
Bashir, Sohail Liberal Democrat 987 - Elected
Gordon, David Nicholas Green Party 141
Trebar, Sara Jane Labour Party 907

Turnout: 37.90%


Candidate Party Votes received
Joynes, Anne Labour Party 572
Owen, Kingsley Conservatives 291
Saffery, Ann Elizabeth Liberal Democrat 705 - Elected

Turnout: 27.29%

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