Holding an event in Watford

Holding an event

Holding an event application form (PDF 539kB)

When you apply to hold an event, we will look at what type of event it is and the risk factors.

To get the ball rolling you need to complete our events application form (PDF 539kB)To help you there are some handy guidance notes (PDF 811kB) along with our events policy (PDF 439kB).

They tell you what you need to think about before holding an event and ask what you are looking to deliver. If your event is fairly small, some questions won't apply to you.

Please also follow our Covid-19 guidance and submit any information on how you will carry out your event safely along with appropriate risk assessments, as part of your event application.

Whether it is a small community initiative, a promotion day or a large scale production that attracts thousands of spectators you will need to get the relevant permission from us.

Feel free to email events@watford.gov.uk or call them for a chat on 01923 278237 before completing your application form.

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