Keeping safe in Watford at night

Staying safe at night

The following information contains details on personal safety and public transport tips based on The Suzy Lamplugh Trust guidelines.

How to identify your cab

Always check for a 'licence plate', displayed to the rear of any Private Hire/ Hackney Cab.

  • If there is no license plate on the vehicle, please do not enter it
  • The licence plate on a Hackney Cab is white with black lettering
  • The licence plate on a Private Hire car is yellow with black lettering

The type of cab, licence expiry date, date, how many people they can carry and the council logo will appear on the plate.

What is a licensed cab?

Both types of vehicle listed below must display a numbered 'council licence plate' on the back, and inside the car.


Any type or style of vehicle, including London style taxis.  They may be booked in advance, stopped in the street or hired from a rank, they must also have a sign on the roof saying 'taxi' or 'for hire', a fare meter inside the cab and a chart showing fares.

Private Hire Vehicles

These can only be booked in advance and may have a meter inside the cab.

Hackney carriage ranks 

  • Albert Road South (outside Iceland)
  • Rickmansworth Road junction with The Parade (above the subway)
  • Watford Junction
  • Woodford Road
  • King Street (outside Royalty House)
  • Watford High Street Station
  • High Street (outside HSBC)
  • High Street (outside Tesco Express)
  • High Street (outside Caffe Nero)
  • Market Street
Private hire car numbers
Company Phone number
247 Cars Watford 01923 888888
A1 Cars 01923 222222
Allied Taxis 01923 212121
Amber Cars 01923 678678
Britannia Cars 01923 222888
Eagle Cars 01923 444444 
Herts Cars 01923 494949
Kingswood Cars 01923 662233
Lucketts Taxis 01923 223456 (office in King Street is open 24 hours)
SK Travels 01923 518122
Watford United Taxis 01923 252525

Using public transport

Travelling by public transport is usually very safe, but simple precautions can reduce risk and give you greater confidence.

  • Know where you are going and which stop you need.  Check departure times.
  • Try and have your ticket, pass or change ready in your hand so your purse or wallet is out of sight
  • Try and arrange for someone to meet you at the bus stop or train station.  Try to walk with other people, and walk purposefully to your destination
  • If possible, wait for a bus or train in a well-lit place near other people
  • Take note of where the emergency alarms are and try to sit near to them - there are alarms on every bus, in every train carriage and on every platform
  • Carry extra money in case you get stranded and need to take another bus or train or ring for a lift
  • If a bus is empty or it is after dark, it is safer to stay on the lower deck.  On trains avoid compartments which have no access to corridors or other parts of the train
  • If you feel uneasy, it makes sense to move to another seat or carriage or get off at the next stop if you know the area.

Lost property in a taxi

If you have lost property in a Watford taxi, please complete our lost property form.

Complaints about taxis

If you have a complaint about a taxi driver or vehicle, please report it to us using our online form.

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