Chairman of the Council

About the chairman

The Chairman of the Council for 2021/22 is Councillor Bilqees Mauthoor who represents Leggatts ward. 

Councillor Mauthoor has been a councillor for over seven years and has served on a number of committees including Licensing Committee and Overview and Scrutiny Committee. She is a registered nurse by profession and currently works as a Clinical Nurse Manager. She lives in Watford with her children.

End Violence Against Women and young girls is her theme for the year with a consortium to address ending violence against women and girls in our locality.  Working with five grassroots charity partners, the aim is to adopt an action-orientated, education-focused approach, elevating and amplifying awareness around this theme, achieving more through collaboration.  The five charities selected to work together are:

  • Dignify
  • Home start Watford
  • Watford Womens Centre
  • Stalking Advocacy Service – saferplaces
  • Watford Palace theatre.

Councillor Mauthoor's mantra would be “bring pain to a purpose” and she is looking forward to representing the town and working with different communities.