Council strategies and plans


Our equalities Objective

Watford Borough Council is committed to complying with all the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010 by embedding and monitoring equality and diversity in all that it does.

This includes developing and agreeing equality objectives for the organisation

Our current objectives are to:

  1. Develop and adopt a new equality and diversity policy by autumn 2022, using the information from Census 2021 to support the policy so that it reflects our community and those with protected characteristics
  2. Build and keep up to date our profile of the borough, so we have an effective and current understanding of the community and residents, making sure that Census 2021 data is fully reflected (December 2022)
  3. Embed the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) process  more thoroughly to support effective decision-making, including a new template to reflect our new policy (autumn 2022)
  4. Provide all staff and councillors with appropriate equality training (ongoing)
  5. Undertake, where appropriate, equality monitoring through engagement and consultation
  6. Reflect Watford’s diverse community in our communications and engagement
  7. Increase equalities disclosure on recruitment and staff monitoring information to support our aim for a diverse workforce, reflecting our community
  8. Include an obligation in every contract and commissioning arrangement to reflect the council’s commitment to equalities, including our major outsourced contracts

Our equalities statement

Watford Borough Council is committed to championing equality and embracing diversity across the full range of our services, whether we deliver the service ourselves or through partnership, and in our role as an employer. 

Our Equalities Statement 2019 (PDF 694kB) explains how we will do this.

Equalities Impact Analysis (EIA's)

As part of the decision-making process when developing new, or significantly changing our policies, procedures or services Watford Borough Council carries out an Equality Impact Analysis (EIA).

This is to assess possible negative or positive impacts on any section of the community in terms of equality, and to include measures to avoid or minimise any discriminatory consequences.

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