Litter and litter bins

Litter and litter bins

Report an issue with litter or litter bin online

Response times to clear reports of littering vary, depending on where, and how severe it is. For major littering problems, we aim to clear this on the same or following working day of it being reported.

Litter picking and street sweeping

Residential roads

Most streets in Watford are visited each week by a 'barrow beat' team member who will litter pick, sweep the street and empty litter bins. They will also deal with issues, such as clearing of graffiti or dumped rubbish, where they can or arrange for a specialist team to return.

Most streets are also visited weekly by a mechanical street sweeper, to remove litter and debris from areas that they can access.

The Town Centre and parades of shops

The Town Centre is kept clean by daily visits from the 'barrow beat' team and mechanical sweepers.

Other shopping parades are visited daily for bin emptying and litter picking, and weekly for other street cleansing activities.

Overflowing litter bins

Litter bins are emptied regularly, with schedules planned to avoid bins becoming full. If you report an overflowing litter bin, we aim to empty this on the same or following working day.

Damaged litter bins

If a litter bin is damaged, we aim to make it safe on the same or following working day of it being reported. Timescales for repairs will depend on the nature of the damage.

Maintenance and cleaning of our public roads, parks and open spaces is provided on behalf of the council by our delivery partner, Veolia.

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