Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is - "where the owner has no further interest in it and has left it in the open air with no intention of returning to it".

  • Untaxed
  • No MOT
  • No current vehicle keeper
  • Stationary for a significant amount of time
  • Significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy
  • Burned out
  • Lacking one or more of its number plates
  • Containing waste

Report an abandoned vehicle

We can remove vehicles from private land with the landowner’s permission. If you live on a development all queries relating to abandoned vehicles should be directed to your managing agents

  • Reason believed abandoned
  • Exact location
  • Make, model, colour, registration number
  • Detailed description of condition of vehicle
  • Full details of customer

  • Removed and stored up to seven days, and if not claimed, destroyed.
  • If a vehicle is claimed by the owner they are liable for removal and storage costs on proof of ownership

View vehicle seizure notices online

You must contact the officer dealing with the case as shown on correspondence from us. The officer will tell you what you need to do to pay for the vehicle to be released from storage. The Council is entitled to recover removal and storage costs. 

  •  Illegally/dangerously/badly parked
  •  Recently crashed or broken down                  
  •  Obstructing vehicle access
  •  Obstructing utilities
  •  Untaxed but being used
  •  Uninsured
  •  Foreign vehicle

Cases of obstruction, untaxed and uninsured vehicles can be dealt with by police by ringing 101.

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