Top tips for keeping your food bin clean

Clean bins

Top tips for keeping your food bin clean:

  • Put all food waste into a compostable liner bearing the Seedling log (or a sheet of newspaper or kitchen roll) before putting it in the brown bin
  • Don't overfill the compostable liner so that the top of the bag can be twisted to contain the waste inside the bag (to prevent the food waste spilling out of the bag)
  • Keep the lid of both your kitchen caddy and brown food bins shut at all times
  • Rinse out your bin regularly with boiling water and salt
  • Put your brown food bin out for collection every week
  • When it's hot keep your bin out of direct sunlight

Compostable bags

These can be bought from most supermarkets, please only use bags with the Seedling logo.  Compostable bags bearing the Seedling log indicate that they have been certified as industrially compostable and are made of compostable matter like cornstarch or potato  which fully breakdown in controlled composting environments.

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