New parking schemes and consultations

What is a proposed new parking control?

When the council proposes to introduce new parking controls or change existing ones, it has to formally advertise what it proposes to do. It must give anyone who wishes to comment on or object to the proposal the opportunity to do so.

The period during which such representations can be made is called the statutory consultation period and lasts for a minimum of three weeks.

Full details of notices can be viewed in this area of the website.

What happens during a statutory consultation period?

  • At the start of a statutory consultation period, formal notification is made in the Public Notices column of the Watford Observer
  • Notices are also put up on-site in the area of the proposed changes
  • Depending on the exact nature of the proposals, letters or leaflets are often distributed to residents and businesses in the local area
  • These notices specify the start and end date of the statutory consultation period
  • They give details as to how representations can be made and direct you to locations where full details of the proposals can be viewed

Where and when can I view notices?

Notices are available for inspection normally in the Customer Service Centre, at the Town Hall. Office hours are 8:45am to 5:15pm, Monday to Thursday and 8:45am to 4:45pm Friday.

The proposals currently subject to statutory consultation are available in this area of the website.

How can I submit a representation on a proposal?

If you wish to make any comments on any of the proposals, this can be done either by email to or by post to:

Andy Smith
Transport & Infrastructure Section Head
Watford Borough Council
Town Hall
WD17 3EX

Comments must be made in writing before the specified closing date and must include the reason for your objection or comment.

They must also quote the reference number of the scheme, which can be found in the documents relating to that scheme.

An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you within a few days and you will be notified of the outcome of the process once a decision has been made.

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