Conservation areas and listed buildings

Conservation areas in Watford

Conservation areas are places of special architectural or historic interest.

If you want to develop or alter property in a conservation area, then extra planning laws may apply. 

Find if the property is in a conservation area

You can find if a property is in a conservation area using a postcode search.

Search a map of conservation areas in Watford

Article 4 directions

If there's an Article 4 direction on a property or area, this means the usual permitted development rights have been removed. 

You may need to apply for permission to do development work. 

Find if a property has an Article 4 direction

Minor development in a conservation area

If you live in a conservation area, you must get planning permission before making changes that are normally be permitted development. 

Find information about making changes to a listed building or a house in conservation area on Historic England's website.

Care, repair and upgrading windows in a conservation area or listed building.

Draught-proofing windows and doors in a conservation area or listed building.

Secondary glazing for windows in a conservation area or listed building.

Listed buildings

Locally and nationally listed buildings will need planning permission. 

See if a property is a listed building


You must give notice to do work to trees over a certain size in a conservation area.

Find out how you can give notification of works on a tree in a conservation area on the Planning Portal website 

Read more information about Tree Preservation Orders and trees in Watford

Demolition in a conservation area

Read about demolition in a conservation area on the Planning Portal website

Most buildings or structures in a conservation area may not be demolished, either completely or in part, without the council's consent in writing.

There are exceptions, so you should contact the council to check before doing any work. 

Further information

Get professional advice from Watford Borough Council.

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