Sustainable Watford

Sustainable Watford: Making our town and the planet cleaner and greener

In July 2019 we declared a Climate Emergency and set out our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of the borough and of the council itself.

Our ambitious goal is to make the borough carbon neutral by 2030 and this will require making big changes to the way we all live and work.

One of the most important issues for us to tackle is reducing car use. Next spring we are introducing a bike share scheme that will have up to 70 drop off and pick up points in the town. We will also launch an on –demand bus service that we hope will encourage people to ditch their car for more sustainable travel choices. Along with these we are introducing Travel Watford, a free to download app that gives you a multitude of choices for navigating your way around the town. 

We are also encouraging more take up of electric vehicles through our e-car hire scheme and by introducing new ev charging points at various locations across the town in the new year. 

More support services for cyclists will be available through the revamped Watford Cycle Hub.

Other plans and actions that will enable us to reach our carbon neutral 2030 goal are being developed in a by a newly established Sustainability Forum. They are writing a strategy setting out plans for the boroughs route to zero carbon.

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