Bus Gate - Watford High Street

Bus gate PCNs / contraventions

How to pay a bus gate Penalty Charge Notice

If you have received a Penalty Charge (PCN) for entering the bus gate you can make the payment online. If you feel that a PCN has been issued wrongly you have the right to challenge the PCN.

You will need:

  • PCN number
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your credit or debit card details

Charges for a Bus Gate/Lane PCN in Watford

You have 28 days to pay your PCN (starting from 2 working days after the postal date by which the PCN is served).

If you pay within 21 days the cost is reduced to £35.

After 21 days the full cost is £70.

Payment should only be made if the penalty is not being contested. To pay, please visit our payments portal.

If the PCN is not paid within 28 days, a Charge Certificate is sent and you have 14 days to pay the increased fee of £90.

If the payment is not received within 14 days, a further fee of £9 will be added and the case will be registered at court.

What is a bus gate contravention?

A bus gate contravention is when an unauthorised vehicle passes the regulatory traffic signs into an area where access is restricted to Buses, Taxis and authorised vehicles only.

Why does the notice say the contravention is driving through a bus lane when I drove through a bus gate?

A Bus Gate is in essence a Bus Lane, that also allows authorised vehicles to pass through it. The legislation therefore stipulates the prescribed contravention as ‘Being in a Bus Lane.’

What happens to the money collected by the Council from bus lane enforcement?

The income from Penalty Charge Notices pays the cost of the enforcement. This includes the administration staff involved in collecting the penalties, maintenance of signs and lines and other associated costs. Any surplus remaining after deduction of costs has to go towards measures to improve public transport or other highway associated improvements.

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