A new crematorium for West Herts

West Herts Joint Committee who run West Herts Crematorium (made up from representatives from all the five councils) is therefore proposing to build a sister crematorium in Hemel Hempstead...

Published: Wednesday, 15th July 2020

Planning for our future

West Herts Crematorium (WHC) which opened in Garston, Watford in 1959 is one of the busiest crematoriums in the UK performing over 3,000 cremations annually for residents in Watford Borough Council, Dacorum Borough Council, Hertsmere Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council and Three Rivers District Council.

WHC places the customer at the heart of everything it does, aiming to deliver a service of the highest possible standards of care, choice and dignity to those who have suffered a bereavement.

The rising demand for cremations at WHC can result in people having to wait up to 3 weeks for a funeral during peak periods in winter months. Customers frequently request more flexible and creative ceremonies but the current site in Garston has limited capacity and no expansion space.

Providing a tranquil, quiet and accessible space

West Herts Joint Committee who run West Herts Crematorium (which is made up from representatives from all the five councils) is therefore proposing to build a sister crematorium in Hemel Hempstead which will enhance the services provided to a wider catchment area.

The proposed site is located off Bedmond Road at the south-eastern edge of Hemel Hempstead, immediately adjacent to the new Dacorum cemetery, set in a quiet and tranquil space which is therefore suitable for a crematorium. Provision of a crematorium adjacent to the existing cemetery represents an opportunity to achieve an ‘efficient use of land’.

The site is well located in terms of its local and wider surrounding highway network and is also accessible through the local walking, cycling and public transport networks that surround the site and Leverstock Green as a whole.

The building design and site layout has been carefully considered and designed with the aim of creating a beautiful and sensitive environment for mourners that gives easy access to, from and through the crematorium in a visually cohesive and intuitive way.

The positive impact of the new facility

  • Building this second facility will enable West Herts Joint Committee to:
  • Reduce waiting times for services during peak periods
  • Enhance the quality of service provided to bereaved families by increasing service times from 40 to 60 minutes so ceremonies are less rushed, they can be more creative and the potential for overrun is decreased.
  • Provide a complementary service between the Garston and Hemel Hempstead sites which increases the choice available to residents.

Public Consultation: we want to know what you think

A public consultation meeting on the proposed facility was due to take place in March but due to Covid-19 this event was postponed. A virtual public consultation (by zoom) is now planned to take place on Thursday 23 July from 6.30pm to 8.00pm where people will have the opportunity to hear from the Design Team about the proposed development and ask any questions that they may have. For more information and to register, visit westhertscrem.org/a-new-crematorium-for-west-herts/


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