New Chairman appointed for Watford Borough Council

The new Chairman of Watford Borough Council has been named as Cllr Aga Dychton who represents the Central ward of the town...

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020
Aga vice
Photo taken last year during Aga's appointment as Vice Chairman

The new Chairman of Watford Borough Council has been named as Cllr Aga Dychton who represents the Central ward of the town. The new Vice Chairman has been named as Cllr Bilqees Mauthoor, who represents the borough’s Leggatts ward.

Cllr Aga Dychton runs the local Watford Polish School, having set this up in 2010 and will become the first Polish-born councillor to ever become Chairman of Watford Borough Council. Like many people in the town, she moved to Watford in 2008 with her family and quickly made it her home, having attended Warsaw University.

Watford Women’s Centre and Electric Umbrella have been selected as her two chosen charities and she will spend her year in office – which began on Wednesday 20 May – fundraising for them.

Watford Women’s Centre provides life-changing services for women to lead independent, productive and healthier lives to move onwards and upwards out of crisis or to a new phase of life. Electric Umbrella is a collaboration of professional musicians and adults with learning disabilities; writing, experiencing and performing across the town and they are helping to change the perception of people with learning disabilities.

Cllr Dychton said: “It is a privilege to have been elected as Chairman of Watford Borough Council. I am delighted to wear the chains knowing my fellow Councillors put their trust in me. I am proud to represent the town of Watford, which has shown such a great deal of goodwill and community spirit during the coronavirus pandemic. I am delighted to become the first-ever Polish-born Chairman of Watford Borough Council. The Eastern European community play a big part in our town and I am proud to able to represent them. ”

Deputy Mayor, Karen Collett said “Since Aga came to Watford in 2008, she has been making a difference in her community, such as the Watford Polish School she set up. In her role as Councillor, she has worked on the need for a more gender balance in politics and the importance of inclusion and equality in Watford. As a colleague and friend Aga is passionate, positive and a joy to work with. Her work at Watford General Hospital supporting staff, patients and relatives during this Pandemic has given us all further admiration.”

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “I’m delighted that Cllr Aga Dychton has been appointed as our Chairman and Cllr Bilqees Mauthoor as our Vice Chairman. Watford is a diverse town with lots of different groups living side by side so I am really pleased that we now have our first ever Polish-born Chairman. They will both make great ambassadors for the town and I look forward to working with them.”

Cllr Dychton accepted her role at a Chairman making ceremony at the Annual Council meeting, which was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions, on Tuesday 19 May.‚Äč

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