North Watford Cemetery open to visitors

Watford Borough Council has, today, announced that North Watford Cemetery will reopen to visitors who want to pay their respects to loved ones from 4pm tomorrow (24 April).

Published: Thursday, 23rd April 2020 Nw cemetary gates 004

Commenting on the decision, Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said:  “I am pleased to announce that North Watford Cemetery will reopen to the public.  This is a very difficult time for those who have experienced loss and are grieving; being able to visit the Cemetery is, I know, an important source of comfort.

“We have responded to the changes in the guidance from government as quickly as we could, whilst making sure North Watford, which is holding a higher number of funerals than usual at the moment, is safe for both visitors and those attending funeral services.

“Whilst we are still dealing with this terrible pandemic, our primary concern remains protecting the health of our residents, stopping the spread of the virus and ensuring our NHS can cope at a time of such high demand. We are encouraging visitors to keep safe by social distancing and avoiding meeting up with people from outside their household whilst at the Cemetery.” 

To allow for the Cemetery to safely manage the current high number of funerals, it will be open to visitors from 4-8pm, Monday to Friday and 2-8pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Vicarage Road Cemetery in west Watford, which is only available for funerals for those who already have a burial space in the Cemetery, is also open to the public, unless a funeral is taking place.



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