Watford Borough Council agrees changes to decision-making to respond to coronavirus guidance

Watford Borough Council agreed a range of measures at its Council meeting on 17 March that will ensure key council decisions continue to be made during the current pandemic...

Published: Friday, 20th March 2020 Council chamber

The Elected Mayor, Peter Taylor, and councillors from across the political parties, agreed that all council committees and sub-committee meetings should be cancelled to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and that  all decisions that need to be taken, such as planning and licensing applications, will be replaced with a virtual meeting.  At this virtual meeting the councillors who sit on the relevant committee will be able to debate and vote on individual applications before decisions are taken.  Members of the public will also be able to join the debate so their views can be taken into account.

Commenting on Council’s decision, the Elected Mayor said:  “These are unprecedented times for councils and we are responding to what we need to do to keep people in our town safe and healthy. We have agreed not to hold meetings at  the Town Hall to keep people safe. Members of the public will be able to contribute to our virtual meetings for those committees that have to make decisions. Council officers will listen to the views of councillors before they formally make decisions. This ensure that we uphold the democratic process, which is at the heart of what we do, while doing all we can to minimise risk of spreading the virus.”

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