Watford Borough Council and Veolia’s street scene improvement project has delivered stunning results in the notorious fly tip hotspots surrounding St Alban’s Road

Watford Borough Council and Veolia’s have worked in partnership to tackle fly tipping surrounding St Alban’s Road

Published: Monday, 18th November 2019

Compared to baseline data collected between June and August 2018, Victoria Road, Lowestoft Road, Leavesden Road and parts of St Albans Road have seen:

●    46% reduction in fly tipping
●    70% reduction in the number of bins cluttering  pavements after bin collections
●    67% reduction in the number of household recycling bins containing the wrong items.

The improvements are part of an 18 month project run by Watford Borough Council and Veolia to educate and remind residents and businesses on how to dispose of their waste, recycling responsibly and tackle fly tipping. The bespoke approach includes bin audits, ensuring households and businesses have the correct bin provisions or agreements in place, delivering educational flyers on fly tipping to every household, enforcement letters and visits where needed, and even school assemblies in the target areas.

Darren Harding, Senior Contracts Manager for Veolia Watford said, “St Albans Road is a busy area with multiple uses. There are both residential and business properties, and a high proportion of short term rentals, all of which can pose challenges for clean streets. Veolia is committed in keeping the streets clean, tidy and safe for all users and reducing environmental impacts wherever possible. Our close working partnership with the Council’s Community Protection Team has produced the desired results for the first phase of the project.  We will continue to work closely with Watford Borough Council to improve the landscape of St. Albans Road.”

To read more about the St Albans Road Waste and Fly Tipping Project, visit www.watford.gov.uk/stalbansroadstreets   
Advice about how to dispose of unusual items, including bulky waste, is listed on the Council’s website www.watford.gov.uk/bulkywaste and to report fly tipping, visit www.watford.gov.uk/report-it 

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