Watford residents urged to exercise their right to vote

Watford Borough Council is urging its residents to prepare for the upcoming General Election by ensuring they are registered to vote or that, if needed, they apply for either postal or proxy votes in advance of 12 December.

Published: Friday, 15th November 2019

In most cases registering to vote can be done very quickly by going to  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, but if your name or nationality has changed, you will  have to email elections@watford.gov.uk or call 01923 278369. The registration deadline is 11.59pm, 26 November 2019.

Residents who are on the electoral register but who may have difficulty getting to a polling station on  Election Day to cast their vote are being encouraged to register for either a postal vote www.watford.gov.uk/postalvote (by 5pm, 26/11) or a proxy vote where someone votes on their behalf  www.watford.gov.uk/proxyvote (by 5pm, 4/12).  

Elections Returning Officer and Managing Director of Watford Borough Council Manny Lewis said “Exercising your right to vote is an important part of our democratic process and I would encourage all Watford residents who are eligible to vote to make sure they are registered in time and don’t miss out on making their vote count.  If you can’t get to a polling station on the 12 December, then there is still time to apply for either a postal or proxy vote.  We want as good a turnout as possible for our town.”

For this election, there is no need to bring any additional personal ID to the polling stations.  The General Election, unlike the two previous local elections where Watford was taking part in a government pilot scheme where additional personal ID was required to vote, does not require further proof of identify.  Bringing along your poll card is still helpful as it speeds up things at the polling station on the day.

Counting for the election will take place overnight on 12 December into the early morning of 13 December 2019 when the winning candidate will be announced.

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