Launch of new guidelines to help combat homelessness in Watford

A new set of best practice guidelines aimed at workers and volunteers supporting rough sleepers has been launched by the Watford Strategic Homelessness Forum...

Published: Friday, 10th May 2019

The guidelines set out a common understanding of the key issues and the most effective, safe ways of working with rough sleepers in the borough while safeguarding their privacy, safety and dignity.   They support the Forum’s key aim of reducing the number of people rough sleeping in Watford by tackling practices that, unwittingly, help rough sleeping to persist.
Inspired by a similar set of principals researched and adopted by the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, the guidelines also aim to increase everyone’s knowledge in the town about the valuable services already available for rough sleepers in Watford and
who delivers them. These range from accommodation and food provision to advice on combatting substance and alcohol abuse and accessing mental health care.
The guidelines also urge individuals who want to help rough sleepers to refer the people they are concerned about to New Hope, or to volunteer with or donate to a number of charities who are providing valuable support services in the town.  
Elected Mayor Peter Taylor “Over the last year we have increased the amount of support for people who are sleeping rough in Watford. Working with and supporting people who are sleeping on the streets is not straight forward. But it is vital that we work together to assist rough sleepers, with respect and sensitivity, to leave and stay off the streets.  This set of best practice guidelines will help us to do that more effectively. I’d like to thank everyone who is part of Watford’s Strategic Homelessness Forum for creating them and for the great contribution they make to our town.”

A copy of the guidelines can be accessed here.


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