Watford sees lowest council tax rise in Hertfordshire

Watford Borough Council’s portion of the council tax is to rise by 2.2% this year – the lowest rise in Hertfordshire...

Published: Friday, 1st March 2019

Watford Borough Council’s portion of the council tax is to rise by 2.2% this year – the lowest rise in Hertfordshire.

This means that the average Band D household will pay £268.23 to Watford Borough Council a year, which is an increase of £5.77 compared to last year. This is an extra 11p a week or £6 a year for the average council tax payer. This money goes towards the many services the council provides, including collections of household recycling and waste, street cleaning and providing quality leisure facilities and events. Around £8.2million needs to be funded directly from council tax.

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Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “Managing your money wisely is so important for the future of our council and our town. Even at a time of big cuts in council finances from central government, we’ve made sure Watford Council’s share of council tax will rise below inflation. It’s also the lowest rise anywhere in Hertfordshire. This is only possible because in Watford we have managed our finances prudently over many years. We are always working to find innovative ways to make sure that we can deliver first-class services, continue to improve the town and avoid the cuts being made by so many other councils. ”

We remain positive about the town’s future, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty, and after seven years of keeping council tax frozen, to help bridge the gap between the money we now receive from the government and the money we need, we must increase council tax by 2.2% this year.”

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Only a tiny proportion of Watford residents’ council tax goes to Watford Borough Council - around 15p in every £1. The majority of council tax also goes to Hertfordshire County Council to help fund roads, libraries and social care, and the police. For further information and to find out how much council tax you will pay, visit: www.watford.gov.uk/counciltax. You can also manage your council tax online by signing up for a My Watford account at my.watford.gov.uk

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