Discover how your spare change can change the lives of homeless in Watford

Watford Borough Council has launched a new campaign to show how donations to homeless charities can change lives.

Published: Thursday, 12th July 2018

Two short films talk about why donating directly to local charities rather than people on the street can have a bigger impact.

Donations to homelessness charities can help by providing the basics, such as food, clean clothes and shelter. But crucially, they also help charities provide trained professionals to give homeless people tailored help and support throughout their entire journey.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor, said: “Watford is a town for everyone and this project really shows that. We all want to live in a town where there are no rough sleepers and people have homes. The council has launched this initiative to encourage people to donate money directly to one of Watford’s local charities, such as New Hope. We work very closely with New Hope, funding their outreach services. Working together we can help to turn lives around so that people are able to move into permanent accommodation.”

The films, which have been developed with the expert knowledge of New Hope colleagues, show how donations to this charity and others can really change lives. To be sensitive to vulnerable people going through homelessness, an actress is used in the films to portray the real-life story of someone recently helped by New Hope.

Watch the two films and discover how your spare change can change the lives of homeless people in Watford at

The funding for these films came from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Hertfordshire Community Fund, which finances projects to support community funding. The films are supported by Safer Watford, which is chaired by Watford Borough Council whose role is to work with partners to take a strategic and holistic view of all community safety matters.

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