Love your bump

Smoking is the single most modifiable risk factor for adverse outcomes in pregnancy.

Published: Monday, 17th August 2015

The Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service have just launched an exciting new campaign called ‘Love Your Bump’ aimed at helping more pregnant smokers and their families to stop smoking. Smoking can cause a many problems and complications during pregnancy - it increases the risk of still birth, miscarriage and eclampsia by three or four times, not to mention the damage to tiny hearts and lungs and then there are the longer terms links to ADHD, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Stop smoking and these risks can all be decreased.

Most pregnant smokers live with other people who smoke (82% according to Department of Health data), and this makes it even harder for them to stop. Pregnant smokers often have lots of other things going on in their lives and are much more likely to stop smoking with your support and the support and Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service.

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