Watford Borough Council plans to revive the River Colne

A project to rejuvenate the River Colne will start in April

Published: Thursday, 15th March 2018

From April, Watford Borough Council is starting a project to rejuvenate the River Colne. A wide range of issues and factors will be addressed, particularly improving biodiversity, increasing water quality and reducing pollution, improving education and making it a more accessible and inviting environment.  

The River Colne is one of the main rivers in Watford. It runs through a number of parks and open spaces, including Knutsford Playing Fields, Radlett Road Playing Fields, Waterfields Recreation Ground, Oxhey Park, Riverside Recreation Ground, Riverside Park and the Lairage Land (Local Nature Reserve).  It also passes through the major regeneration area of Watford Riverwell and numerous retail and industrial areas. 

Work is already underway including regular clean-up events, habitat enhancement, and treatment of invasive species to prevent them spreading.

Cllr Peter Taylor, cabinet member for client services, said: “I am really pleased that the River Colne will be getting the attention it needs. The river runs through many of Watford’s popular parks.  Sandy, director of Community Connection Projects and others have already started to make some improvements and I'm glad we can give this a further boost. Working together we can rejuvenate the river, reducing pollution and improving its biodiversity."

Watford Borough Council is working with partners like Community Connection Projects (CIC), the Environment Agency, Friends of Oxhey Park and the Green Gym to enable the river to reach more of its full potential and become a positive asset to be proud of.

The project will form part of a 10 year strategy to improve the River Colne in Watford and surrounding areas. 

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