New homes to breathe life into rundown site

Watford Borough Council has passed planning permission for apartment buildings in West Watford

Published: Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Planning permission has been granted for two apartment buildings to be built on a rundown brownfield site in Sydney Road, West Watford.

The two buildings, which will be up to 10 storeys, will provide 135 much-needed homes, 38 of which are affordable.

Cllr Peter Jeffree, Chairman of the council’s Development Management Committee, said: “Although the development could allow 35% affordable housing, the types of accommodation provided would’ve been one-bedroom flats, which is not the type of housing needed.

“Successful negotiation with the developer has allowed us to instead make the flats into mostly three and four-bedroom properties, which will meet the most urgent needs of the borough. The development has secured a large proportion of socially rented units making the family sized units genuinely affordable.”

The development will regenerate an unattractive piece of land and create a considerable visual and environmental improvement for the area and its surroundings.  Furthermore the change from industrial to residential use of the site will remove potential noise and disturbance from commercial activities. The removal of the existing buildings will significantly improve the visual appearance of the brownfield site as seen from surrounding properties.

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