Clarendon Road development to provide 41% affordable housing

A 17 storey building application has been approved

Published: Friday, 2nd February 2018

An application to develop a 17 storey building on Clarendon Road was approved by Watford Borough Council on Wednesday 31 January.

The mixed-use scheme will give Watford’s business centre 28% more quality office space as well as 100 desperately needed homes. Affordable housing will be in the form of family-sized units, meaning 41% of the development will be affordable and exceeding the council’s requirements. The developer is also putting forward a £300,000 contribution towards wider improvements to Clarendon Road.

Chair of the Development Management Committee Councillor Peter Jeffree said: “This scheme is a huge success in a whole number of ways. Not only does it go above our affordable housing requirement but it’s providing the type of affordable housing we need most – family-sized homes.

“As the town’s key employment centre, the uplift in quality office space is another real benefit. The scheme itself is very attractive and absolutely fits with the character of Clarendon Road as a business hub. 

“I’m really proud that in tough circumstances for councils we are still delivering the affordable housing our town needs as well as looking to draw in more business. This scheme is absolutely vital for Watford.”

As part of the development, a flexible unit which might be a café is being added on the ground floor and improvements will be made to the whole look and feel of the area surrounding the development.

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