Don’t delay – if you haven’t already, respond to your voter registration forms today!

Watford Borough Council is reminding residents in the area of the need to respond to its annual voter registration canvass – alongside the 35% who have already responded to it.

Published: Thursday, 20th August 2015

The annual canvass – which collects the details of everyone who should be on the electoral roll at each of the homes in the area – began earlier this month. So far 13,500 of the 38,500 households in Watford have registered their details after receiving a household enquiry form from the council.

In the middle of next week, the forms will be reprinted with a reminder and delivered to any properties that have not yet responded to the council.

Councillor Mark Watkin, Portfolio Holder for Democracy and Governance, said: “Historically by first reminder stage at least 50% of responses would have been received. But with the way things are looking, we will be substantially below this amount. This could mean that we need to reprint and deliver between 20,000 and 25,000 household enquiry forms at significant extra cost to the borough’s council taxpayers, so if you have not already done so do not delay – respond to your form today.”

Details on how to respond are included on the form that was sent. If a name is missing from the household enquiry form, respond by internet or complete and return the form – the return address is listed on the form. To vote in future elections and referenda, residents will need to register.

It’s particularly important that anyone who has moved into a new home over the past 12 months checks the household enquiry form to see if they are registered correctly.

The council is committed to keeping its electoral register up-to-date and accurate, and the canvass is part of that process. Residents need to check and, if necessary, update the electoral register information printed on the form for people living at that address. Residents need to respond to the forms even if no changes need to be made.

Elections for Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner are being held in May 2016. The Borough elections will be for the whole council following the current boundary review, with all 36 council seats up for election. Anyone who wants to vote must be registered. Anyone not listed on the household enquiry form is not registered to vote.

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