Make sure you can vote at the next election

All households in Watford are being contacted by Watford Borough Council to ensure their electoral registration details are up-to-date ready for publication of the updated 2017/18 register. Watford Borough Council wants to make sure that everyone responds as soon as possible to ensure you can have your say and vote at election time.

Published: Monday, 7th August 2017

Household Enquiry Forms – detailing what needs to be done to ensure this is the case – will be sent to households throughout Watford who have not yet responded from Friday 4 August. . The form lists all the people currently on the electoral role at each address. Residents are asked to carefully check the details included on the form and respond without delay:

If all the details are correct – you simply confirm that no change is required, or if changes are needed, then household members can be added, removed or updated accordingly. The easiest way to make any changes is online – simply follow the ‘CHANGES required’ section on the form. Alternatively, the form needs to be signed, dated and posted back to the council as soon as possible. If all the details are correct, residents can confirm their registration online or by text, phone (Freephone number) or post – follow the ‘NO CHANGES needed’ section on the form.

Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said: “Registering to vote is quick and easy and can now be done online.  It is the only way of making sure you have a vote at elections including next year’s Mayoral election to decide who steps into my shoes when I stand down in May after sixteen years.  You are not automatically registered if you pay council tax or if you have previously registered. I’d encourage you to respond as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss your chance to vote.”

Residents are not automatically registered through paying council tax or if they have previously registered. Anyone who has recently moved home is also less likely to be registered, so please look out for the form. Residents are asked to read the form for full details or contact the council on 01923 278369 or email if you have not received one by Wednesday 31 August.

In May 2018 residents will be able to vote for a new Mayor of Watford, as well as some new Ward Councillors, but only if they are registered to vote.

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