49 double-deckers worth of autumn leaves

Veolia, Watford Borough Council’s waste partner, collected around 617 tonnes of leaves and litter last autumn in Watford

Published: Thursday, 8th October 2015

Equivalent to the weight of almost 49 new London Routemaster buses and it is expected that the same amount will be collected again this season. Watford residents can gather leaves that fall from the trees around their home and put them in their green lidded compost bins for food and garden waste ready for Veolia to collect. It’s taken to West London Composting where it’s composted down; the compost is then used by farmers.

Alternatively, residents could add the leaves to their own composting bins to create fantastic and nutrient rich compost ready for their gardens or allotments in the early months of 2016.

Elected Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, said: “Watford is already a very clean and tidy place to live, and tidying up leaves is just one part of the work that we do to keep it that way.”

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