Candidates announced for local elections on Thursday 4 May

The candidates for Watford’s local elections have now been announced and residents will soon get the chance to cast their ballot – but only if they’ve registered to vote!

Published: Wednesday, 5th April 2017

If you want to have your say in the poll, you must have registered to vote by Thursday 13 April. If you are not currently registered, you can register online.

Every Hertfordshire County Council seat will be up for the public vote on Thursday 4 May. There will also be by-elections for Watford Borough Council seats in the Leggatts, Park and Oxhey wards after three councillors resigned. You can read the full list of candidates on our Elections 2017 web page.

Watford Borough Council’s Elections Manager Gordon Amos said: “People who do not vote should understand that the ones that do are given twice the power because of their non-participation.”

Ways to vote:

In person at a polling station. If you are registered to vote, a poll card was sent to you during the weekend of 25-26 March. If you did not receive a poll card, please contact Watford Borough Council on 01923 278369. The card tells you where you should vote – you can only vote at your allocated polling station. It is helpful if you take your poll card with you to the polling station.

Voting by post:

You can apply to vote by post using the poll card ‘letter’ recently delivered to Watford electors. Application forms are also available from the Watford Borough Council website.

If you are registered for a postal vote, you will be sent your ballot paper before the election and you will need to return it by 10pm on Thursday 4 May. New applications to vote by post at the Thursday 4 May elections must be completed and returned to Watford Borough Council by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April.

Voting by proxy:

Proxy voting means another person can vote on your behalf. To have a proxy vote, your application must be completed and returned to Watford Borough Council by 5pm on Tuesday 25 April.

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