Changes to parking shop services

All Watford’s parking shop services, from permit renewals to penalty payment are now available online.

Published: Wednesday, 4th January 2017

For the first time, residents of the Controlled Parking Zones are also able to apply for visitor vouchers online. Until now, it’s only been possible to buy these vouchers in our parking shop on Market Street.

We are making more and more of our services available online and through our customer service centre, as part of that process, parking shop opening hours have been reduced. 

We’re committed to making it easier for people to access the council’s services and in October the parking shop will be moved to the town hall. This will ensure that we can provide as many services as possible in one location.

For a complete list of the council’s parking services and to stay up to date on the latest news visit the parking pages of our website or call 01908 223507. Blue Badge services are run by Hertfordshire County Council. If you would like to apply for a Blue Badge or are an existing Blue Badge holder with a query please call 0300 123 4042.

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