Watford’s Bandstand now open for bookings

Now you can book Watford’s Bandstand, freshly restored thanks to Watford Borough Council and the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Funds.

Published: Monday, 26th September 2016

Throughout the whole year community groups can book the bandstand, so local people can put on their own entertainment in the centre of the park. If you are looking for a space to perform, the bandstand might suit you.

So how do you apply? Just email cassiobury@watford.gov.uk, and say what your plans are and when you would like to use the Bandstand. Using the Bandstand will usually be free, unless you are planning to make money out of your event, in which case the Parks team will be able to advise you. Councillor Karen Collett, who’s responsible for Play at the council, explains the thinking behind the Bandstand’s community use.

“We are very keen in Watford to help people feel part of their community – and the Bandstand can play a big part in this. It’s a beautiful space for people to meet up, whether for a fundraising event like a teddy bear’s picnic, or to offer a free concert to passers-by. I’m looking forward to seeing what events the Bandstand hosts over the coming months.”

Once the weather warms up again a variety of bands, booked through Watford Borough Council, will be back under the canopy. But for now the Bandstand is all yours.

For more information about Cassiobury Park, and a full list of events coming up there, visit our dedicated Cassiobury Park web page.

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