Voter registration – don’t forget!

Every home in Watford will have received an annual electoral canvass form from Watford Borough Council before the end of August.

Published: Tuesday, 30th August 2016

If changes are required, this will mean:

  • Adding the names of anyone resident who is aged 16 or older but not currently listed.
  • Amending any detail that is incorrect and requiring amendment.
  • Crossing out the name of anyone who no longer lives at the address.

Residents are then asked to sign, date and return the amended form to the council ASAP. Alternatively, changes can be made on the internet – simply follow the ‘CHANGES required’ section on the form.

Households with no change required to the details included on the form can re-register by simply confirming the details online, by text or by phone (freephone number) 24 hours a day, seven days a week – simply follow the ‘NO CHANGES needed’ section on the form.

Elected Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said: “Registering to vote is quick and easy.  It is the only way of making sure you have a vote at elections including the Hertfordshire County Council elections in May 2017. You are not automatically registered if you pay council tax or if you have previously registered. Your assistance with early and if possible an electronic response helps keep costs to a minimum, as otherwise we’ll have to print and post a reminder to you too.”

Residents are asked to read the form for full details or contact the council on 01923 278369 or if you have not received one by Wednesday 31 August.

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