We’ve recycled more than the weight of 1,622 iPhone’s

In October Watford Borough Council installed new recycling bins in the town centre, next to the Central Library, so Watford residents could recycle small electrical items.

Published: Monday, 15th February 2016

Since then over 252kg of waste electronic equipment and 27kg of CDs, DVDs, toners and cartridges have been put in the bins. That’s the same as the weight of 1,622 iPhone 6s.


We accumulate about three new electrical items every year, from a new phone to new irons and hairdryers. Recycling unwanted electrical items is environmentally friendly and makes sure really valuable raw materials, such as gold and silver, aren't wasted


At the bins you can recycle CDs, videos, DVDs, mobile phones and tablets in one bin. The other will take small electrical items with a plug or battery such as kettles, irons, lamps, hairdryers, fairy lights etc.


Bigger items such as TVs, computers and fridges can be recycled at your local recycling centre Waterdale – on the A405. Alternatively, it is possible to arrange for them to be collected by booking a special collection or, if they are in good condition, donate them to charity.


Elected Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, said: “If everyone plays their part and recycles their small electrical appliances it will help reduce the nearly one million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste generated every year.”


To find out more about recycling in Watford, please visit www.watford.gov.uk/recycling

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