Special service to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth at St Marys Church

St Marys Church

On the eve of the funeral for the late Queen Elizabeth II, a multi-faith service will be held at St Mary’s Church in Watford Town Centre at 7pm. All of Watford is invited to join...

The Vicar of Watford, Rev Tony Rindl will lead this special service, which will be attended by the Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor and representative from the town’s faith and community groups and organisations.  The service is open to everyone.

During the service, those attending will be invited to remember the Queen, celebrate her life and mark the start of a new era for our country.

Following the service at 8pm, a national one-minute silence will be observed. This has been  organised by government as a way to bring people together to reflect for a moment on the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. Residents are invited to join their community at locations such as St Mary’s Church, or come out of their homes to share the moment with neighbours and friends.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said “Being together with others at a time of grief and sadness is a really important part of how we remember and show our appreciation for someone who has been such a large part of our lives. Although we did not know the Queen personally, her passing is deeply felt by so many in our community. Please join us at St Mary’s or come together with others in your community to remember this very special woman who showed such devotion and love for her country and people”.

The Vicar of Watford, Rev Tony Rindl said ”The death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has affected us all. The service on Sunday evening, on the eve of the State Funeral, provides an opportunity for the community of Watford, people of all faiths and none, to come together in prayer and reflection in preparation for the important events taking place in Westminster Abbey the following day. Anyone who wishes to attend will be most welcome”.  

Published: 14th September 2022

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