Candidates for election to be announced tomorrow

The names of the parliamentary candidates who are standing to represent the Watford constituency will be formally announced tomorrow before 5pm.

Published: Wednesday, 8th April 2015

The official deadline for people to nominate themselves for the public vote to see if they can become the area’s next MP is 4pm on Thursday this week. The public will then elect their chosen candidate on Thursday 7 May, on the same day that they can vote for a Watford Borough Councillor to represent their ward. The same 4pm deadline applies to people who want to put themselves as councillors. A full list of the elected councillors will be published on our website as soon as possible after this deadline.

The deadline for registering to vote in each of the elections is Monday 20 April. In most cases, you can do that by clicking on the link to this website. However, don't delay - if you are not currently registered, then register today!

If you want to vote by post, Watford Borough Council must have received your application by 5pm on Tuesday 21 April. You will have received the details of how to apply and where to send the application to when you received your poll card in the post.

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