Watford Borough Council secure £3.7m funding for installing insulation to housing across the borough

Watford Borough Council has successfully secured funding that will help towards installing insulation to housing across the borough.

Published: Thursday, 4th February 2021

Watford Borough Council is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured funding through a number of sustainability and housing bids that will help towards installing insulation to housing across the borough.

The council has been notified of two successful bids:

The first, a £1,758,755 bid for a joint project with Watford Borough Council, Watford Community Housing Trust (who are contributing further funds) and Three Rivers District Council, split over the two areas.

We expect to install measures in over 200 homes with the aim of raising EPC ratings to a band C*.

  • 105 Watford Community Housing Trust properties with external wall insulation (and they are funding smart controls in conjunction with this).
  • 50 private properties for external wall insulation.
  • 60 private properties for solar PV and smart heating controls.

Target areas will soon be identified, and the aim is to offer improvements to every home in the selected areas/streets.

This will complement the Green Home Grant voucher scheme support that we already have in place across the borough, as well as new insulation measures we are proposing for the terraced housing around Leavesden Road.

The second successful bid is a £2,000,000 joint project with Watford Borough Council (as the lead authority) and Buckinghamshire Council.

The funding will be used to target specific areas in Watford concentrated on the more vulnerable households.

Other energy efficiency subsidies are available across the borough with government grants, council grants and loans as well as this funding in selected areas. Please contact our partners at Better Housing Better Health to find out more.

Cllr Tim Williams, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Sustainability, said:

“This is wonderful news. It is clear what a real difference insulation makes to residents everyday lives, so we are delighted that we will be able to provide external wall insulation to many more homes as a result of this funding. Not only will the insulation improve the lives of our residents but it will also provide a greener energy solution, so it’s a win-win!”


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